Honesty among Friends – A Skill and Art that is Essential

“Honesty” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is a noun that defined as follows,  “the quality of being and truthful”. “Friendship” is noun as well that has a meaning that invokes. “a friendly feeling or attitude: kindness or help given to someone”. You might ask yourself why is the guy giving me definitions of words that I already should know the meanings of? Well, as I get older by the day, I quickly recognize myself that being honest to a person I have designated as a friend is a skill and art in being a good friend. First of all, lets start with word “Honesty” and breakdown that definition. Apparently the word it is a trait that someone possesses based on the definition, right? If so, that is a trait that can clearly be evaluated with a level or value because it is distinguished by the word “quality”.  The quality  evaluation that you give a person whom you determined as a friend(s) is vital to a “Friendship”. The aforementioned definition of “Friendship” is the kindness and help that you give to someone.   Being a “Friend” is a label that should not bestowed on anybody because it has to be earned and that is why my circle is as small as a “grain of a mustard seed” because a person has to be able to evaluate me  and paint elaborate picture to me of why I should trust what they say or do around me and my loved ones, which is a skill and art.  If I consider you my “Friend”, then we can work on adding the “-ship” to the mix because by adding that suffix we are in a state of being friends.  Within a “Friendship” both individuals should put “Honesty” at the pinnacle of the relationship to add value to each others’ lives. We should add value to each others’ lives in order for us to support and assist each other in being the best people possible.  I don’t want any “Puffers” on my team.  You know what a “Puffer” is you seen him/her before? A “Puffer” is someone in your life who sole purpose to puff you up and puff you so hard and fast that you just are smoke away and forgotten about just like cigarette smoked in 20 degrees below zero weather. Those people leave you as soon as you are not what they want you to be, not who you are for real or what you really stand for. Beware of “Puffers” because they don’t possess the skill and art of being “Honest” and “Friendship”is not in them. So, be very leery on whom you covet as your friend(s) because these days you don’t know if they are out for your best interest or downfall, but if you base your “Friendship” on those people who possess and project “Honesty” to you when it is not just benefitting them directly, then you know that person has spent their time learning how to be a good friend.


One thought on “Honesty among Friends – A Skill and Art that is Essential

  1. Great Post! True friends are definitely hard to find and are far and few between. True friends keep it real and tell their friends the hardcore truth even if the truth is not what the friend wants to hear! I know that in some of my friendships where I feel my friends are sensitive, I sometimes soften the truth and don’t state my thoughts as bluntly as I could or should…. I gotta be a little more hardcore so that I don’t become a puffer!!! Lol 😂💨

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