Different but the Same…Lessons Learned

Just yesterday I had to teach my 9-year-old daughter about racial prejudice, which was uncomfortable but necessary.  With all that is going in the world, especially in America it was necessary to explain to her that not all caucasian people and other ethnicities are not out to get you because you are black and that all black people are not going to love because you are.  I am a realist at very core of my existence and I know that everything is not based on racial prejudice, but I am not naive to think that it does not happen.  Being a black male in America, especially in a corporate America where I make the money needed to take care of my lovely family, there are not many of us and not many us climbing the corporate ladder.  However, I am not going to place the lack of diversity within the workforce across America solely on prejudices or stereotypes, even though it may play a significant role in the decision-making of an organization or society to a person of color a chance.  As for me, I try to kill those perceptions of what a black man is, by all showing others that I am  worthy of the things that I have in store for me through hard work and determination. For some of those individuals in the black community, they do allow for those prejudices and stereotypes placed upon us to continually live on and help to personify them with the lack of fortitude to do better, which will not allow people from other ethnic backgrounds to give us an opportunity.  Allowing prejudices and stereotypes to make you who you are, is no fault of a group of people but the cause of inefficiencies within a person to let the thoughts and feelings a fraction of a group people to influence you negatively. We have to educate our kids first, not to accept any stereotypes portrayed of them to dictate how they carry themselves.  Also, we must let them know that tragedies and injustices happen to human beings of any creed, color, sexual orientation, or race and they should feel apathy and sympathy for those people who have to go through those ordeals. I want my children to understand that in order for them achieve the level of success that they want to aspire to, they must be able to adapt and accept differences. In my opinion, hate comes from a place of ambiguity and the refusal to learn the variable composition of a person. I guarantee if people conditioned themselves to learn the complete design that  makes up people’s differences the hate will dissipate.  I am guilty as well to having some prejudice towards others,  even individuals within my own race; however as I get older and place more effort on learning about people of all cultures, the notion of hate is not found in my soul. It was with the lessons I learned that I had to teach my daughter that differences are good and she needs to embrace them, because if we were all the same the world will be a boring place to live.


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