Sometimes a person just needs time to reflect and project….

Well, well, well, this is my first post of the new year and I know nobody was wondering what took so long because no one is checking for my form of a positive outlet of expression through this blog of mines.  However, I made a promise to myself to just write when I am inspired to provide my opinion on social issues, public opinion, religion, or anything that requires a deeper thought process to convey feelings.  So far in 2015, I have had nothing that peak my interest enough to write a post, but as I sat doing nothing I realized that I was going through a change of sorts.  The change is nothing that is major but one that requires me to be focused on what I wanted to accomplish this new year for myself and together with my family.  It nearly took the entire month of January to get my mind turned in the direction that I want to go.  They say it takes 28 days to make anything a habit, so I took the first 28 days of 2015 to make certain things that I was not doing for the greater good of self to make that a habit, as well as rid myself of other habits that were more detrimental than beneficial.  I can say that now I am ready for the rest of the year and prepared for the blessings God has for my family and I this year. In order to get that point I have a habit of isolating myself from people and it is not intentional, but rather an opportunity for me to get in tune with my expectations for the new year and reflect on my accomplishment last year and the downfalls that aided in my not accomplishing what I needed be it my fault or some other contingent events that stalled my aspirations.  I always encourage people to sit in silence and by themselves to just receive what God has for them and then you put a plan together just to do your part in conjunction with Father’s plan.  Sometimes a person just needs time to reflect on the past and project the future…


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