The Most Unnoticed Known…

Largely in America… Hell I will venture out and say that in the world (because this problem is not an indigenous dilemma); people of color are usually ignored until something happens to them that are totally un-excusable in the natural order of life. Black people are executed in urban backdrops everyday by like-face individuals, but that is fine and usually goes unresolved because wait for…that is the catch all answer to when unfortunate events like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Gray occur. It usually goes like this, “Black on black crime is a bigger problem than the police brutality or vigilante homicide”. How Sway?!? How is that a bigger problem than the “Oppressionistic System” that has been deployed on black people since we were hoodwinked and bamboozled to come this fucked up Land to help build this murthafucka from a speck of dirt and pebbles. Our contribution to American is known but conveniently unnoticed and not given its proper recognition by the world. A black man designed our nation’s capital, created refrigeration, refined sugar, invented machines to put soles on shoes, probably invented or had a significant role in developing all the appliances in our homes today, etc.. Just think about it?!? Why?!? Why would plantation drivers create something to make his property or his slaves jobs easier?!? Have you ever asked yourself that, probably not. I find it hard to believe that Masta Kenmore or Masta Maytag wanted Mamadou’s job to go any smoother, when he did not care about his well-being in the first place. Our people were looking for ways to get more done so they would be able to do their work faster and possibly not catch a lashing or two or three, for not reaching Masta’s goal. Ooooo!!! When Masta Kenmore or Masta Maytag found out what these remarkable people were doing, they patented the idea for themselves and had the actual creator produce the product to sell for profit and the credit was never given those that invented it in the first place. It is known that this phenomenon was happening throughout history, but the known goes unnoticed again. Now let’s jump back into the present day where until our people protest and some riot then we are noticed and then we are labeled as thugs and animals and for the most part the only thing hurt is a local CVS or a Foot Locker (I do not condone rioting by no means, just making a point. However in Waco, Texas where two Biker Gangs were engrossed in a beating, stabbing, and shooting contest “Madd Max Style”, that resulted in 9 people killed. Those gangs were composed of 99% of white (I put money on it that the 1% of the black people involved or 1 black guy is going to blamed, as it being his idea)and the pictures from the scene do not show officers in riot gear or with AR-15 pointed at them. In Baltimore a few weeks back they were pointing assault rifles at young men of color for invoking their civil rights and some of them may have not been assembling in the most productive way, but that was a result of being the most unnoticed known for far too long. I am just tired of black people’s opposition to being oppressed being met with violence and lame duck rhetoric about how we created our on social issues and injustice, but there is no dialogue when a gang of white bikers open fires and fight like they are being stunt doubles for the new “300” movies at a public restaurant in Texas, where innocent people were eating and then no negative press is thrown at them in the same manner that my people receive. For once in my lifetime I want my people to get their just due in life when we do well and not lambasted and reprimanded whenever a white person gets a hang nail and decides lets beat nigger because Rebecca is dating a black guy named Orenthal James. Stop noticing us only when the bad happens and give us the fucking credit we deserve for the greatness we have bestowed on the world for centuries.


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