Change has to come!!!!

Our ancestors did not come to America of their own free will for a better life, but they were brought here to create a better life for Caucasians who wanted to renovate the lay of land that the Native Americans held habitat over. Then in the here and now we are not credited for our contributions to enhance the country that we now recognize and affectionate call America today. Why is our education not free when we built these universities from specks of dust? Why we are not provided home ownership when we built so many of the homes in the country? I could go on and on about why we are treat so unfairly, but I will say this though we treat the way we are because we choose not to conform our behavior to generally accepted principles of our white counterparts. Every other race emulates their behavior or became insular from their trans-formative nature. Our white counterparts (not all, but the majority) believe that their way is the right way and the only way. Anglo-Saxons went to Africa and saw people that did not act like them or live like them and decide we to make them civilized and they capture us through ‘Serpentinist’ methods like the serpent in Garden of Eden. They came to this continent now known as America bearing fruits for labor and displaced the Native Americans who they too felt were uncivilized, but they did not capture them but displaced them. We are treated unjust and punished because our melanin and natural defiance to conform attached to our melanin because we are a superior people and was not use to following differences, but the same tribe and bloodlines. Our problem came when we were forced into bondage and taught to conform to another races way of thinking and behaving, while being segregated at the same time. When we were segregated and our civil rights were violated we were of a like mind with the goal of equality on all our hearts and minds, which brought about change and integration. With integration came a mindset that we made it and for some of our people the fight was over, which became toxic to our mission as people. This created several different paradigm shifts that separated us from each other and our common goal of cultural commonwealth. We need to get back on the same train of thought to fight the power that be, because we are stronger together than apart. It is easy to break one branch, but it is impossible to break a bundle of branches together. America claims it is a Democracy which by structure it is, but it is Fascism by principle because they seek to separate groups of people in silos in order to break them, Poor vs. Rich, Black vs. White, Preferred Minorities vs. Black, Poor Black vs. Black. The sad thing about the aforementioned scenario is that Blacks fall in every single category (far too many if you ask me) making it easier to break us which is a result of a calculated and systematic plan to do exactly that. That is why it is vital that we get on the same page and bring about change, so they will continue to change us economically, financially, politically, and physically (by killing us).


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