White Racist are like Thieves in the Night!!!

I want to start off by saying that not all white people are racist, but 85% of them are, 10% of them are partially prejudice, and 5% of them get it (just my opinion, so no argument needed). Black people are racist too by default because of the circumstances and events we had to endure since we arrived in America centuries ago, but our racism is not based on elitism but on a defense mechanism. However, when we voice our disapproval of how we are treated by the white masses then we are treated as criminal in our attempt for justice.  The students at the University of Missouri were tired of their civil rights being violated on campus and voiced it to the powers that be and it went on for so long without intervention, even after traumatic event after another without action being taken by the President and Chancellor of the university. But once the football threaten to not play a game against BYU which would have lead to the university paying $1M dollars to BYU for the forfeiture, the quintessential “Walls of Jericho” came tumbling down. However, a victory for the blacks is never a victory for blacks because they are hit with threats on social media from the “Ambiguous White Racists” on social platforms and hit with the I am going to call my daddy the Infamous KKK for reinforcements. White racists are like the that greedy ass person that comes over for every holiday and brings something to the dinner table that don’t nobody eat, just to say they brought something and then they leave with every gotdamn thing in the kitchen including the meat  juice at the bottom of the roaster. What I am hinting at is that they bring no valid points to the Black Lives Matter Movement and they don’t belong in the discussion, aside from them being the sole reason for the movement; however they will jellyfish anyone that wants to a part of the movement and say the way we are treated is deserved. They feel we deserve to be treated like that because of the crimes happening in our neighborhoods that are disseminated on the front page of the news every single day, but that has nothing to do with the “price of tea in China” when it is comes to race relations in America. White racists I reject your deposit to the Black Lives Matter Movement and do me a favor and leave us the fuck alone on the matter, because we don’t get in your way when you protest dumb shit like Starbucks having red cups for the Holiday Season. Most “real” white racists will not even get into the discussion about black lives because they are working in the background like thieves in the night to figure how to create laws to further suppress our people(only the dumb powerless white racist say out of pocket shit). To be honest I rather know my threat than to not the threat exist because I know how to plan for it.  In the case of the black student body and the football team at the University of Missouri kudos to all of you for addressing the “Outward White Racists”, but understand that there are others in pivotal roles as “Closet White Racists” that will create an environment where not only your education is at risk, but your life.  I will continue to pray for those students at Missouri, for the enemy to change their wick ways, and for strength to withstand any weapon form against me, my family, and my people by the oppressor.


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