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White Racist are like Thieves in the Night!!!

I want to start off by saying that not all white people are racist, but 85% of them are, 10% of them are partially prejudice, and 5% of them get it (just my opinion, so no argument needed). Black people are racist too by default because of the circumstances and events we had to endure since we arrived in America centuries ago, but our racism is not based on elitism but on a defense mechanism. However, when we voice our disapproval of how we are treated by the white masses then we are treated as criminal in our attempt for justice.  The students at the University of Missouri were tired of their civil rights being violated on campus and voiced it to the powers that be and it went on for so long without intervention, even after traumatic event after another without action being taken by the President and Chancellor of the university. But once the football threaten to not play a game against BYU which would have lead to the university paying $1M dollars to BYU for the forfeiture, the quintessential “Walls of Jericho” came tumbling down. However, a victory for the blacks is never a victory for blacks because they are hit with threats on social media from the “Ambiguous White Racists” on social platforms and hit with the I am going to call my daddy the Infamous KKK for reinforcements. White racists are like the that greedy ass person that comes over for every holiday and brings something to the dinner table that don’t nobody eat, just to say they brought something and then they leave with every gotdamn thing in the kitchen including the meat  juice at the bottom of the roaster. What I am hinting at is that they bring no valid points to the Black Lives Matter Movement and they don’t belong in the discussion, aside from them being the sole reason for the movement; however they will jellyfish anyone that wants to a part of the movement and say the way we are treated is deserved. They feel we deserve to be treated like that because of the crimes happening in our neighborhoods that are disseminated on the front page of the news every single day, but that has nothing to do with the “price of tea in China” when it is comes to race relations in America. White racists I reject your deposit to the Black Lives Matter Movement and do me a favor and leave us the fuck alone on the matter, because we don’t get in your way when you protest dumb shit like Starbucks having red cups for the Holiday Season. Most “real” white racists will not even get into the discussion about black lives because they are working in the background like thieves in the night to figure how to create laws to further suppress our people(only the dumb powerless white racist say out of pocket shit). To be honest I rather know my threat than to not the threat exist because I know how to plan for it.  In the case of the black student body and the football team at the University of Missouri kudos to all of you for addressing the “Outward White Racists”, but understand that there are others in pivotal roles as “Closet White Racists” that will create an environment where not only your education is at risk, but your life.  I will continue to pray for those students at Missouri, for the enemy to change their wick ways, and for strength to withstand any weapon form against me, my family, and my people by the oppressor.

Change has to come!!!!

Our ancestors did not come to America of their own free will for a better life, but they were brought here to create a better life for Caucasians who wanted to renovate the lay of land that the Native Americans held habitat over. Then in the here and now we are not credited for our contributions to enhance the country that we now recognize and affectionate call America today. Why is our education not free when we built these universities from specks of dust? Why we are not provided home ownership when we built so many of the homes in the country? I could go on and on about why we are treat so unfairly, but I will say this though we treat the way we are because we choose not to conform our behavior to generally accepted principles of our white counterparts. Every other race emulates their behavior or became insular from their trans-formative nature. Our white counterparts (not all, but the majority) believe that their way is the right way and the only way. Anglo-Saxons went to Africa and saw people that did not act like them or live like them and decide we to make them civilized and they capture us through ‘Serpentinist’ methods like the serpent in Garden of Eden. They came to this continent now known as America bearing fruits for labor and displaced the Native Americans who they too felt were uncivilized, but they did not capture them but displaced them. We are treated unjust and punished because our melanin and natural defiance to conform attached to our melanin because we are a superior people and was not use to following differences, but the same tribe and bloodlines. Our problem came when we were forced into bondage and taught to conform to another races way of thinking and behaving, while being segregated at the same time. When we were segregated and our civil rights were violated we were of a like mind with the goal of equality on all our hearts and minds, which brought about change and integration. With integration came a mindset that we made it and for some of our people the fight was over, which became toxic to our mission as people. This created several different paradigm shifts that separated us from each other and our common goal of cultural commonwealth. We need to get back on the same train of thought to fight the power that be, because we are stronger together than apart. It is easy to break one branch, but it is impossible to break a bundle of branches together. America claims it is a Democracy which by structure it is, but it is Fascism by principle because they seek to separate groups of people in silos in order to break them, Poor vs. Rich, Black vs. White, Preferred Minorities vs. Black, Poor Black vs. Black. The sad thing about the aforementioned scenario is that Blacks fall in every single category (far too many if you ask me) making it easier to break us which is a result of a calculated and systematic plan to do exactly that. That is why it is vital that we get on the same page and bring about change, so they will continue to change us economically, financially, politically, and physically (by killing us).

The Most Unnoticed Known…

Largely in America… Hell I will venture out and say that in the world (because this problem is not an indigenous dilemma); people of color are usually ignored until something happens to them that are totally un-excusable in the natural order of life. Black people are executed in urban backdrops everyday by like-face individuals, but that is fine and usually goes unresolved because wait for…that is the catch all answer to when unfortunate events like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Gray occur. It usually goes like this, “Black on black crime is a bigger problem than the police brutality or vigilante homicide”. How Sway?!? How is that a bigger problem than the “Oppressionistic System” that has been deployed on black people since we were hoodwinked and bamboozled to come this fucked up Land to help build this murthafucka from a speck of dirt and pebbles. Our contribution to American is known but conveniently unnoticed and not given its proper recognition by the world. A black man designed our nation’s capital, created refrigeration, refined sugar, invented machines to put soles on shoes, probably invented or had a significant role in developing all the appliances in our homes today, etc.. Just think about it?!? Why?!? Why would plantation drivers create something to make his property or his slaves jobs easier?!? Have you ever asked yourself that, probably not. I find it hard to believe that Masta Kenmore or Masta Maytag wanted Mamadou’s job to go any smoother, when he did not care about his well-being in the first place. Our people were looking for ways to get more done so they would be able to do their work faster and possibly not catch a lashing or two or three, for not reaching Masta’s goal. Ooooo!!! When Masta Kenmore or Masta Maytag found out what these remarkable people were doing, they patented the idea for themselves and had the actual creator produce the product to sell for profit and the credit was never given those that invented it in the first place. It is known that this phenomenon was happening throughout history, but the known goes unnoticed again. Now let’s jump back into the present day where until our people protest and some riot then we are noticed and then we are labeled as thugs and animals and for the most part the only thing hurt is a local CVS or a Foot Locker (I do not condone rioting by no means, just making a point. However in Waco, Texas where two Biker Gangs were engrossed in a beating, stabbing, and shooting contest “Madd Max Style”, that resulted in 9 people killed. Those gangs were composed of 99% of white (I put money on it that the 1% of the black people involved or 1 black guy is going to blamed, as it being his idea)and the pictures from the scene do not show officers in riot gear or with AR-15 pointed at them. In Baltimore a few weeks back they were pointing assault rifles at young men of color for invoking their civil rights and some of them may have not been assembling in the most productive way, but that was a result of being the most unnoticed known for far too long. I am just tired of black people’s opposition to being oppressed being met with violence and lame duck rhetoric about how we created our on social issues and injustice, but there is no dialogue when a gang of white bikers open fires and fight like they are being stunt doubles for the new “300” movies at a public restaurant in Texas, where innocent people were eating and then no negative press is thrown at them in the same manner that my people receive. For once in my lifetime I want my people to get their just due in life when we do well and not lambasted and reprimanded whenever a white person gets a hang nail and decides lets beat nigger because Rebecca is dating a black guy named Orenthal James. Stop noticing us only when the bad happens and give us the fucking credit we deserve for the greatness we have bestowed on the world for centuries.

Sometimes a person just needs time to reflect and project….

Well, well, well, this is my first post of the new year and I know nobody was wondering what took so long because no one is checking for my form of a positive outlet of expression through this blog of mines.  However, I made a promise to myself to just write when I am inspired to provide my opinion on social issues, public opinion, religion, or anything that requires a deeper thought process to convey feelings.  So far in 2015, I have had nothing that peak my interest enough to write a post, but as I sat doing nothing I realized that I was going through a change of sorts.  The change is nothing that is major but one that requires me to be focused on what I wanted to accomplish this new year for myself and together with my family.  It nearly took the entire month of January to get my mind turned in the direction that I want to go.  They say it takes 28 days to make anything a habit, so I took the first 28 days of 2015 to make certain things that I was not doing for the greater good of self to make that a habit, as well as rid myself of other habits that were more detrimental than beneficial.  I can say that now I am ready for the rest of the year and prepared for the blessings God has for my family and I this year. In order to get that point I have a habit of isolating myself from people and it is not intentional, but rather an opportunity for me to get in tune with my expectations for the new year and reflect on my accomplishment last year and the downfalls that aided in my not accomplishing what I needed be it my fault or some other contingent events that stalled my aspirations.  I always encourage people to sit in silence and by themselves to just receive what God has for them and then you put a plan together just to do your part in conjunction with Father’s plan.  Sometimes a person just needs time to reflect on the past and project the future…

Different but the Same…Lessons Learned

Just yesterday I had to teach my 9-year-old daughter about racial prejudice, which was uncomfortable but necessary.  With all that is going in the world, especially in America it was necessary to explain to her that not all caucasian people and other ethnicities are not out to get you because you are black and that all black people are not going to love because you are.  I am a realist at very core of my existence and I know that everything is not based on racial prejudice, but I am not naive to think that it does not happen.  Being a black male in America, especially in a corporate America where I make the money needed to take care of my lovely family, there are not many of us and not many us climbing the corporate ladder.  However, I am not going to place the lack of diversity within the workforce across America solely on prejudices or stereotypes, even though it may play a significant role in the decision-making of an organization or society to a person of color a chance.  As for me, I try to kill those perceptions of what a black man is, by all showing others that I am  worthy of the things that I have in store for me through hard work and determination. For some of those individuals in the black community, they do allow for those prejudices and stereotypes placed upon us to continually live on and help to personify them with the lack of fortitude to do better, which will not allow people from other ethnic backgrounds to give us an opportunity.  Allowing prejudices and stereotypes to make you who you are, is no fault of a group of people but the cause of inefficiencies within a person to let the thoughts and feelings a fraction of a group people to influence you negatively. We have to educate our kids first, not to accept any stereotypes portrayed of them to dictate how they carry themselves.  Also, we must let them know that tragedies and injustices happen to human beings of any creed, color, sexual orientation, or race and they should feel apathy and sympathy for those people who have to go through those ordeals. I want my children to understand that in order for them achieve the level of success that they want to aspire to, they must be able to adapt and accept differences. In my opinion, hate comes from a place of ambiguity and the refusal to learn the variable composition of a person. I guarantee if people conditioned themselves to learn the complete design that  makes up people’s differences the hate will dissipate.  I am guilty as well to having some prejudice towards others,  even individuals within my own race; however as I get older and place more effort on learning about people of all cultures, the notion of hate is not found in my soul. It was with the lessons I learned that I had to teach my daughter that differences are good and she needs to embrace them, because if we were all the same the world will be a boring place to live.