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White Racist are like Thieves in the Night!!!

I want to start off by saying that not all white people are racist, but 85% of them are, 10% of them are partially prejudice, and 5% of them get it (just my opinion, so no argument needed). Black people are racist too by default because of the circumstances and events we had to endure since we arrived in America centuries ago, but our racism is not based on elitism but on a defense mechanism. However, when we voice our disapproval of how we are treated by the white masses then we are treated as criminal in our attempt for justice.  The students at the University of Missouri were tired of their civil rights being violated on campus and voiced it to the powers that be and it went on for so long without intervention, even after traumatic event after another without action being taken by the President and Chancellor of the university. But once the football threaten to not play a game against BYU which would have lead to the university paying $1M dollars to BYU for the forfeiture, the quintessential “Walls of Jericho” came tumbling down. However, a victory for the blacks is never a victory for blacks because they are hit with threats on social media from the “Ambiguous White Racists” on social platforms and hit with the I am going to call my daddy the Infamous KKK for reinforcements. White racists are like the that greedy ass person that comes over for every holiday and brings something to the dinner table that don’t nobody eat, just to say they brought something and then they leave with every gotdamn thing in the kitchen including the meat  juice at the bottom of the roaster. What I am hinting at is that they bring no valid points to the Black Lives Matter Movement and they don’t belong in the discussion, aside from them being the sole reason for the movement; however they will jellyfish anyone that wants to a part of the movement and say the way we are treated is deserved. They feel we deserve to be treated like that because of the crimes happening in our neighborhoods that are disseminated on the front page of the news every single day, but that has nothing to do with the “price of tea in China” when it is comes to race relations in America. White racists I reject your deposit to the Black Lives Matter Movement and do me a favor and leave us the fuck alone on the matter, because we don’t get in your way when you protest dumb shit like Starbucks having red cups for the Holiday Season. Most “real” white racists will not even get into the discussion about black lives because they are working in the background like thieves in the night to figure how to create laws to further suppress our people(only the dumb powerless white racist say out of pocket shit). To be honest I rather know my threat than to not the threat exist because I know how to plan for it.  In the case of the black student body and the football team at the University of Missouri kudos to all of you for addressing the “Outward White Racists”, but understand that there are others in pivotal roles as “Closet White Racists” that will create an environment where not only your education is at risk, but your life.  I will continue to pray for those students at Missouri, for the enemy to change their wick ways, and for strength to withstand any weapon form against me, my family, and my people by the oppressor.


Change has to come!!!!

Our ancestors did not come to America of their own free will for a better life, but they were brought here to create a better life for Caucasians who wanted to renovate the lay of land that the Native Americans held habitat over. Then in the here and now we are not credited for our contributions to enhance the country that we now recognize and affectionate call America today. Why is our education not free when we built these universities from specks of dust? Why we are not provided home ownership when we built so many of the homes in the country? I could go on and on about why we are treat so unfairly, but I will say this though we treat the way we are because we choose not to conform our behavior to generally accepted principles of our white counterparts. Every other race emulates their behavior or became insular from their trans-formative nature. Our white counterparts (not all, but the majority) believe that their way is the right way and the only way. Anglo-Saxons went to Africa and saw people that did not act like them or live like them and decide we to make them civilized and they capture us through ‘Serpentinist’ methods like the serpent in Garden of Eden. They came to this continent now known as America bearing fruits for labor and displaced the Native Americans who they too felt were uncivilized, but they did not capture them but displaced them. We are treated unjust and punished because our melanin and natural defiance to conform attached to our melanin because we are a superior people and was not use to following differences, but the same tribe and bloodlines. Our problem came when we were forced into bondage and taught to conform to another races way of thinking and behaving, while being segregated at the same time. When we were segregated and our civil rights were violated we were of a like mind with the goal of equality on all our hearts and minds, which brought about change and integration. With integration came a mindset that we made it and for some of our people the fight was over, which became toxic to our mission as people. This created several different paradigm shifts that separated us from each other and our common goal of cultural commonwealth. We need to get back on the same train of thought to fight the power that be, because we are stronger together than apart. It is easy to break one branch, but it is impossible to break a bundle of branches together. America claims it is a Democracy which by structure it is, but it is Fascism by principle because they seek to separate groups of people in silos in order to break them, Poor vs. Rich, Black vs. White, Preferred Minorities vs. Black, Poor Black vs. Black. The sad thing about the aforementioned scenario is that Blacks fall in every single category (far too many if you ask me) making it easier to break us which is a result of a calculated and systematic plan to do exactly that. That is why it is vital that we get on the same page and bring about change, so they will continue to change us economically, financially, politically, and physically (by killing us).

The Most Unnoticed Known…

Largely in America… Hell I will venture out and say that in the world (because this problem is not an indigenous dilemma); people of color are usually ignored until something happens to them that are totally un-excusable in the natural order of life. Black people are executed in urban backdrops everyday by like-face individuals, but that is fine and usually goes unresolved because wait for…that is the catch all answer to when unfortunate events like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Gray occur. It usually goes like this, “Black on black crime is a bigger problem than the police brutality or vigilante homicide”. How Sway?!? How is that a bigger problem than the “Oppressionistic System” that has been deployed on black people since we were hoodwinked and bamboozled to come this fucked up Land to help build this murthafucka from a speck of dirt and pebbles. Our contribution to American is known but conveniently unnoticed and not given its proper recognition by the world. A black man designed our nation’s capital, created refrigeration, refined sugar, invented machines to put soles on shoes, probably invented or had a significant role in developing all the appliances in our homes today, etc.. Just think about it?!? Why?!? Why would plantation drivers create something to make his property or his slaves jobs easier?!? Have you ever asked yourself that, probably not. I find it hard to believe that Masta Kenmore or Masta Maytag wanted Mamadou’s job to go any smoother, when he did not care about his well-being in the first place. Our people were looking for ways to get more done so they would be able to do their work faster and possibly not catch a lashing or two or three, for not reaching Masta’s goal. Ooooo!!! When Masta Kenmore or Masta Maytag found out what these remarkable people were doing, they patented the idea for themselves and had the actual creator produce the product to sell for profit and the credit was never given those that invented it in the first place. It is known that this phenomenon was happening throughout history, but the known goes unnoticed again. Now let’s jump back into the present day where until our people protest and some riot then we are noticed and then we are labeled as thugs and animals and for the most part the only thing hurt is a local CVS or a Foot Locker (I do not condone rioting by no means, just making a point. However in Waco, Texas where two Biker Gangs were engrossed in a beating, stabbing, and shooting contest “Madd Max Style”, that resulted in 9 people killed. Those gangs were composed of 99% of white (I put money on it that the 1% of the black people involved or 1 black guy is going to blamed, as it being his idea)and the pictures from the scene do not show officers in riot gear or with AR-15 pointed at them. In Baltimore a few weeks back they were pointing assault rifles at young men of color for invoking their civil rights and some of them may have not been assembling in the most productive way, but that was a result of being the most unnoticed known for far too long. I am just tired of black people’s opposition to being oppressed being met with violence and lame duck rhetoric about how we created our on social issues and injustice, but there is no dialogue when a gang of white bikers open fires and fight like they are being stunt doubles for the new “300” movies at a public restaurant in Texas, where innocent people were eating and then no negative press is thrown at them in the same manner that my people receive. For once in my lifetime I want my people to get their just due in life when we do well and not lambasted and reprimanded whenever a white person gets a hang nail and decides lets beat nigger because Rebecca is dating a black guy named Orenthal James. Stop noticing us only when the bad happens and give us the fucking credit we deserve for the greatness we have bestowed on the world for centuries.

Don’t Speak for Me, Us, or We!!!

The Negro who lives on the patronage of philanthropists is the most dangerous member of our society, because he is willing to turn back the clock of progress when his benefactors ask him so to do.

– Marcus Garvey
The abovementioned quote by Mr. Garvey paints a portrait of what is wrong with some black people in our race whom opinions are taken as fact.  Charles Barkley for example on last week, made his opinion well-known about Mike Brown and Eric Garner by broadcasting it across the white media, though it was his opinion and merely his opinion the damage is far more than he believe it to be.  A ten minute segment to discuss the topic alongside Shaq, Kenny Smith, Ernie, and himself on TNT (Ted Turner’s network) cannot erase the detriment of his comments.  His comments may had some truth and validity to them, but they should not have been revealed in that form or fashion on that platform.  The problem that I see a lot of times with black sports figures and entertainers is that their opinions are taken as the bible for black people all over America, when not made truth or to improve race relations. When Bill Cosby made his comments about the state of the black community, the vitriolic language used in his lambasted comments were playing into the hands of those benefactors in which Mr. Garvey spoke of. These our the same benefactors that use such vile self-hatred of the black race to their advantage, especially when things that require prejudice as a defense comes into play.  Those people who think they are addressing the problems plaguing the black community are actually pulling the pants down of an entire race to shame the entire group, that does not need anything extra to make us be considered more of a 3rd class citizens (I use that term loosely). The intra-race detractors only set themselves up to lose the backers that support them wholeheartedly within the black race and to be ostracized and humiliated by the benefactors. Where those individuals like Barkley and Cosby feel that are exposing truths through their opinions(which some of the points hit the mark), they need to focus on speaking their opinions directly to black people to create a dialogue for change in thinking and actions. Once those inflammatory comments  and opinions are disseminated to CNN, MSNBC, and especially FOX News it does not look like constructive criticism, but rather another strike against the black community from people who they feel are our best assets. The Barkleys, Cosbys, or any other “black elitist” does not speak for me or any other black person that is out in the world trying to kill the stereotypes bestowed on us since our births. The progress of black race does not start with those whom are rich or ultra talented, but with the normal people whom are exposed to ills of society because of their socio-economic status and “Melanin Badge” and don’t have the money or bullet-proof image to shift the mind of the benefactors to think their lives matter. Progress is not possible if there is a mole that brings the dirt to the surface for the world to see, progress must be made in the underground channels create amongst every black person.  Do not  profess our problems to the world, because the world has already created and provided enough problems for us to handle because of our “Melanin Badge”, before adding ether to the fire. Just know everybody is not worth listening to, no matter their status or stature. 

A Black Man does not stand a chance in the Court of Law or the Court of Public Opinion

Let me start by saying that I am a black man who is educated.  I attended one of the best (if not the best) high school in Detroit (Renaissance High) where 95% of the graduates attend college upon graduation, I hold a bachelors degree in accounting and a masters of management in finance.  However, I don’t think that is enough to shake off the stink of black male stereotypes in America. That is why I am constantly trying to figure out what to do next or more to fight against the machine.  The machine that I speak of, is the stereotypes used unfavorably against black people in America and those individuals perpetuate those stereotypes. Let us create a scenario to further shall we to drive home the point I am trying to get across. First, you have two guys who commit the same crime one is white and the other black, both are crooks in book, so essentially they are the same; however in the court of law the white man’s defense will layout an argument that paints a picture of confused man who was a good student, came from a good home but just had things appear in his life that unfortunately change his mental make-up which led to his wrongdoing.  The argument will be compelling, so compelling that the prosecution will not even pursue all the charges against the accused, unless the crime is too heinous to ignore.  Now, lets look at the black guy where the start is the end, he will not have a good lawyer in the beginning, no picture is drawn about where he went wrong, and the prosecutor will up all charges to the maximum sentence possible, hell he might not even make it to trial because he might killed when he is arrested. Do you know why the aforementioned scenario is true in so many cases in the Court of Law? One reason is  because the perception of black men in America since the test of time has been tainted so badly.  Using the phrase “Black Men” is like an oxymoron to the majority of the White America, many of them think we are animals that deserve to be caged or killed. To say that all white people feel this way is naive of me, because some black people believe that too, sad but true.  However, we have countless black men in the hood that feel they have to take on the thug mantra to get money and women, and being a positive member of the black culture is lame and the turn-up is not real unless they high as a martian fart, drunk as a skunk, or pill/gun popping.  Those are the images that are projected of young black men in society which further personifies the stereotypes that White America has of us, which make them think we are thugs and animals.  Whenever incidents like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, or Tamir Rice happen in America, we all know the script that will be followed, where the portrait is painted that the dead young black male was a drug dealing, drug infused, super thug with mutant strength, that the person who killed them had no choice but to euthanize him. To make situations worst when the white media go into the communities where these incidents occurred, the white media makes it a point to talk to the most uneducated people in the community.  It is almost that like look around and say let’s get the that person over there that has a scarf on their head, with no teeth, and no moisturizer on their skin or lips, to ask how they feel about the situation. This is done as a method or serves as piece of carrying out the plan of character assassination of the victim that leaves people dumbfounded on who is the real victim the shooter or the dead. I will admit that some of the black males that have been served an unjust death were not sterling by no means, but we all have done wrong in our lifetime and had a chance for redemption.  I heard a MSNBC correspondent mentioned, that he was sick and tired of the people (meaning black people) hailing Mike Brown as hero when he was a thug who allegedly attacked a police officer,  that sentiment is far from the truth. We don’t see him as a hero or martyr like Rosa Parks or Medger Evers,  but as a symbol that a young black man does not have a chance to make amends for the mistakes they make or one mistake can be fatal; however a white kid in Texas can kill a whole family  with his car and get off scott free because he said, him being privileged was the reason a family was killed.  It is that same white privilege that the white media uses to rush to judgment on all black men or black people in general and will not allow them to learn or understand black culture fully; therefore leading them to make some of the most asinine and off base comments that can be  spewed by a human being. For once can the white media  gather opinions and good reasoning from thought-provoking black people, and do not promote a collection of black people who fit the demographic of the image that they are trying to project on the victim, just once. Oh well, who am I? Nobody, right, and my opinion is mines and mines only. The machine that we as black men are currently fighting will continue to operate at maximum utilization, no matter what we say or do, though we are disappointed or sadden by the many outcomes that our black males face these days by being portrayed as a thug. That thuggish image of black males will always be White America’s defense of  killing or imprisoning black men for just breathing the same air as them or in their opinion stealing the air from them.