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Athletes can be Activist too…

As the world turns, so does events that spark injustice among people of any race, creed, or color that everyone seems to have an opinion on.  However, when athletes make a stand for what they feel is wrong they are treated as a sector that should not focus on nothing but playing “ball”.  I guess it is the amount of money that they earn or their perceived level of education that causes people to say, “Shut Up and Entertain Us”, nobody cares about their feelings or opinions at that time, but society wants them to be role models.  I applaud the stand that the St. Louis Rams players whom took a stand this past Sunday (whether you agree with it or not)on an issue that a group of them felt was important, it provided those young people who idolize them a visual of free of speech and the right to assemble for something that they feel is unjust.  The only thing I would like to see is more effort from athletes to speak up on more diverse causes other than the typical bandwagon issues that ignite emotions in every American.  They should be more vocal on issues that plague our nation as a whole, the type of issues that are tearing up the fabric of communities across the land. Long gone are the 60s, 70s, and 80s when athletes made a stand for a cause greater than their paychecks and winning . Last basketball season the Los Angeles Clippers took a stand against their bigot owner Donald Sterling only after a private discussion became public.  Donald Sterling’s racist views did not magically appear out of no where like a unicorn at a corner gas station, they were known for years but the players were fine as long as the checks cleared, but once the issue was somewhat projected on them then it was a problem.  Players need to be more aggressively proactive on making a stand on social issues that affect a mass group of people. Issues that do not have to racial charged all the time, but things that help an entire community prosper and not only show support when convenient.  Athletes in the past took stands for their country, wars, unfair treatment, etc., and there were far more of them taking these stands than the few that do it today.  Many players are scared to lose endorsement deals and being hated, to even consider standing up to the powers that be to get their points across.  In a world where everything is broadcasted on social media, very little is mentioned on the things that athletes do that impact others as whole oppose to when you had to read an article in TIME or the newspaper to hear about their brave acts of courage.  Don’t get it misconstrued I do hear a lot of good stories on ESPN or a segment or two on certain shows about athletes doing good deeds that affect a persons’ life, but we need see and hear more about athletes trying to improve cultures, as well as individuals. I don’t know about you, but I want the athlete that my kids follow to be more than just a “good ball player”, but I want he or she to set an example that extends further than the playing field, but show us that together progress can be made for all if we take a stand for the greater good of others.